Celebrity is a premium cruise line that delivers a contemporary cruise experience amongst innovative design and décor, impeccable service and unparalleled spa and dining options. Since its inception in 1989, Celebrity has held true to its original commitment of taking the best aspects of classic, elegant cruising and updating them to current lifestyles. Celebrity aims to provide a premium experience at an affordable price. The line has been able to offer its upscale, active passenger base a new option: more unusual cruise experiences. The excellence of Celebrity is displayed by the ships in the Millennium class – despite the size of these ships, Celebrity has retained its distinctive style, sophistication and service elements.

Fellow Passengers – Celebrity attracts an extremely diverse passenger base, targeting baby boomers and their families, as well as seniors and honeymooners. In addition to U.S. travelers, the cruise line also draws passengers from Canada, Europe and South America. Longer voyages in more distant locales, from Europe to South America, tend to draw an older crowd, while the Caribbean and Alaska are magnets for families. In an effort to attract more multi-generational groups, Celebrity’s family programs have expanded to include teen centers and more enrichment and educational programs for children.

Celebrity reveals new worlds in a way no one can. Whether you enjoy hiking amongst ancient ruins, venturing to remote corners of the world or sipping cappuccino in a quaint sidewalk café, Celebrity offers you an unparalleled cruising experience.

Alaska: Alaska’s sprawling glaciers, native heritage and vast wildlife will combine to take your breath away. Australia/New Zealand: Experience some of the worlds most incredible modern architecture, fascinating aboriginal and Maori culture and miles of unspoilt coastline.

Canada/New England: Serene villages, brilliant autumn leaves  and rich nautical history unite in this corner of North America. Caribbean/ Bermuda / Bahamas: A kaleidoscope of vibrant colours, inviting people and fascinating cultures make these islands famous for unwinding.

Europe: Prepare for a history lesson unlike one you have ever imagined as you encounter the vast enchanting lands of Europe.

Hawaii: The allure and mystique of Hawaii are hard to resist.

Panama Canal: There is more to a cruise down the Panama Canal than the Gatun locks, there’s a world of cities on nearby shores.

South America: From Cosmopolitan cities to wild, untamed rainforests, from the wondrous flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands to the stunning Iguazu falls, South America is a study of contrasts.