MSC Cruises aims to offer Europeans an affordably-priced cruise vacation in traditional Italian style. Children below 18 on all sailings go free. Its motto is “Beautiful. Passionate. Italian.” MSC Cruises uniquely blends maritime traditions, culture and famous Mediterranean cuisine to deliver the ultimate cruise experience while displaying a real commitment to the finest hospitality afloat. In essence, MSC Cruises has made true Italian service the heart of its business and its key point of differentiation. Life onboard, particularly when it comes to mealtimes, follows a more traditional cruise schedule with scheduled dining times and fellow cruisers.

Fellow Passengers – In almost all MSC’s cruise ships, Europeans form a very large part of the passenger list. However their Caribbean sailings are geared strongly to North American travellers. The abundance of childrens activities and with the 2-kids-go-free policy, their ships have plenty of young families on board.

MSC Cruises’ main playground is, naturally, the Mediterranean. It does however also offer a range of sailing to the Caribbean, South America and South Africa.

Mediterranean: Explore the Mediterranean’s hidden secrets, its famous ports and its most evocative beaches.

Northern Europe : Discover the extraordinary allure of Northern Europe, whether in the rugged Norwegian Fjords, pristine North Cape or colorful Baltic capital cities.

Caribbean: Escape in style to the Caribbean’s sun-drenched white sand beaches, tropical landscapes and sparkling waterfalls.

South America: discovery of the Latin culture awaits you, bringing you to sultry South America landscapes such as Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

South Africa: Experience for yourself the warm shores, the depths of the forest and the powerful ocean waves, under the African sun!

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